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The Peter Dispirito Public Service Award:

The Peter Dispirito Public Service Award is presented annually to the person elected by the Alaska Gay and Lesbian Community who has contributed most to the advancement of the community.

An outspoken member of our community, Peter was very active in all GLBTA Community affairs. He was instrumental in opeing the first gay bar in Alaska, was one of the founders of the Empire of ALL Alaska, one of the foremost leaders of the Alaska gay social scene and he was loved by all who knew him.

His murderer was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a mere two and a half years in prison. After serving only several months of the sentence, he was released on parole.

The murder of Peter Dispirito and the subsequent light sentence of the man who killed him only served to unite the Alaska Gay Community and sparked the first real political awareness of the community as a whole.

1974 - Wayne Hussey
1975 - Jeff Wood
1976 - Bill Tremblay
1977 - Gary Alexander
1978 - Armond Pepe'
1979 - Michael Meek
1980 - Jamie Greenleaf
1981 - Nan Hardy
1982 - Ed Thompson
1983 - Shirley Seago
1984 - Lola
1985 - Cherresse
1986 - Sylvia Short
1987 - Bob Miller
1988 - Frank Foust
1989 - Gil Eidt
1990 - Misty Dawn
1991 - Raymond Jorgenson
1992 - Doug Frank
1993 - Ron Tebb
1994 - The Reverand James Morgan
1995 - Robert Henderson
1995 - Ruth Van Scoy
1996 - Mark Tumeo
1996 - Kate Wattum
1997 - Melba Cook
1998 - HIM Reyna XII & XX
1999 - Rita Simms
2000 - John G. Garrison aka "Bear"
2001 - HIM Mikey XXV
2001 - HIM Rosie Rotton XXV
2002 - HIM Kristara XVII, XXVI
2003 - Melba "Rusty" Shinn
2004 - Melba "Rusty" Shinn
2005 - Robert Comeau
2006 - Ken & Paula Butner
2007 - Scott M. Koeller / Scott J. Turner 31 (tie)
2008 - Allie Hernandez
2009 - Alex Barros, Don Greene, Teddy Jones, Jared Krapfl of Adam & Steve
2010 - Vicki Lee Evans
2011 - Phyllis Rhodes
2012 - Joani LaChoy
2013 - Grady Frank "MeMe" Jenkins
2014 - Mad Myrna 
2015 - Gayle Schuh & Julie Smith
2016 -  Donna "Ma!" Langit

2017- Michael Bartels

2018 - Brooks Banker 

C. Wayne Hussey Memorial Community Service Award:

The College of Emperors and Empresses presents this award annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the community.

1986 - James Saracino & Terry Clayton
1987 - Warren Springer
1988 - The Village
1989 - The Reverend James Morgan
1990 - Loren Schaffer
1991 - Bob Henderson & Ruth Van Scoy
1992 - James Bourreaux
1993 - Ruth Mathes
1994 - Larry Kaiser
1995 - Mary Lee
1996 - Danita Fischbach & Karen Marcey / Professional Infusion Pharmacy
1997 - A. Malcolm Mitchell & The Femme Fatales (Juneau)
1998 - Peggy Murphy
1999 - Scott "Daphne" & Lisa Koeller
2000 - Rochelle DeLite
2001 - Michael Deel
2002 - Chris Pearson
2003 - Allie Hernandez
2004 - Jeff "Myrna LaChoy XI" Wood
2005 - Lynn C. Howard
2006 - 1. Ken & Paula Butner: 2. Scott "Daphne" & Lisa Koeller
2007 - Madeline IX
2008 - Kevin Holtz
2009 - Holli Yancey
2010 - Gail Palmer
2011 - Phyllis Rhodes
2012 - Mel Green
2013 - Vickie Green and Terri Huebler
2014 - Donna "Ma!" Langit
2015 - Christopher Constant
2016 - Vicki Lee Evans

2017- Darcy Kniefel

2018- RJ Johnson


The Raymond Jorgenson Community Service Award:

Denali Emperor XV Raymond Jorgenson was an avid believer in the partnering of community organizations and The Imperial Court of All Alaska to fulfill the charitable needs of the Alaskan Community. The College gives this Award at Coronation in his honor yearly to an organization or business that has exemplified the true meaning of working together with the Imperial Court of All Alaska.

1998 - The Mount McKinley Non-Ascent Club
1999 - Providence Hospital
2000 - The Last Frontier Men's Club
2001 - GLSEN Alaska, Inc.
2002 - Mad Myrna's
2003 - S.T.A.R. (Standing Together Against Rape)
2004 - Adam & Steve
2005 - The Friday Night Divas @ Mad Myrna's
2006 - Every Bloomin' Thing Flower Store, Malcolm Mitchell & Jerry Baltazar
2007 - Metropolitan Community Church
2008 - Bent Alaska
2009 -Matt Claman, Harriet Drummond, Patrick Flynn, Elvi Gray-Jackson, Mike Gutierrez, Jennifer Johnston, and Sheila Selkregg of The Anchorage assembly
2010 - The Anchorage Ducal Court
2011 - UAA's The Family
2012 - The Communities of Alaska
2013 - UAA Safe Zone

2018- Mad Myrna's

Robert Messer / Rochelle DeLite Award:

Rochelle DeLite served the Duchy of Fairbanks and the Alaska community diligently throughout the 1980's and 1990's. She was paramount in sustaining the Duchy of Fairbanks as Grand Duchess for many years. Her service to the community and the Imperial Court of All Alaska have been truly invaluable.

Rochelle and her partner were found dead due to carbon monoxide poisoning while camping Memorial Day Weekend in 2001.

The Fairbanks community selects the Rochelle DeLite Award during ICOAA voting each year.

2001 - Robert Messer (Posthumously)
2002 - Mama Cookie
2003 - Anna K. at Club G
2004 - Michael Solomon aka "Michelle Diamond"
2005 - Jeff Walters
2006 - Richard Welch
2007 - Michael Bartels
2008 - College Floral
2009 - PFLAG of Fairbanks
2010 - Keith Darkchilde
2011 - Michael Bartels
2012 - Daphne Doall LaChores
2013 - Nicole Cundiff

The Shante' Youth Volunteer Service Award:

By Decree of Their Imperial Majesties Denali Sapphire Leather Bear Emperor 31 Scott Turner and Aurora Arctic Flaming Star Empress 31 Vicki Evans AKA Sister Mary Sunshine - Reign XXXI of the Imperial Court of the Empire of All Alaska:

This award is given in memory of Shante', for her outstanding contributions to the community. Our Hawaiian Princess worked closely and tirelessly with the GLBT youth of Anchorage to further acceptance among their peers and a more cohesive bond between them and the broader GLBT community. Also as a teacher of her Native Hawai'ian dance to other young people, she brought them into our community as allies, helping foster new lasting friendships and understanding in the Anchorage community at large.

This award is given to persons under the age of 21, chosen by the reigning Emperor and Empress.

2004 - James Eason
2005 - Leah Merritt
2007 - Vik Mason
2008 - Paul O'Leary & Ashley Earll


Michael Meeks Memorial Denali Award and Misty Dawn Memorial Aurora Award

By Decree of Their Imperial Majesties, The Denali Northern Lights “Makin’ It” Emperor 37, Kevin LaChoy Jenkins Holtz, and The Aurora Arctic Flaming Midnight Sunshine Empress 37, Miss MeMe LaChoy Ice Jenkins, Reign XXXVII of the Imperial Court of All Alaska:

That the following two awards shall be established and given out yearly at Coronation by the reigning monarchs, in memory or two outstanding Monarchs from the ICOAA:

The Michael Meeks Memorial Denali Award, to be given out by the reigning Emperor to a past In-State Emperor, who they deem to have been instrumental throughout their reign and

The Misty Dawn Memorial Aurora Award, to be given out by the reigning Empress to a past In-State Empress, who they deem to have been instrumental throughout their reign.

These awards reflect the importance of recognizing active past Monarchs, since their wisdom keeps our traditions alive, and our organization strong.

2010- Joani LaChoy XXIX and Sister Mary Sunshine XXXI

Lynn “Honey” Howard Court Member of the Year Award:

By Decree of Their Imperial Majesties, The Denali Northern Lights “Makin’ It” Emperor 37, Kevin LaChoy Jenkins Holtz, and The Aurora Arctic Flaming Midnight Sunshine Empress 37, Miss MeMe LaChoy Ice Jenkins, Reign XXXVII of the Imperial Court of All Alaska, and in accordance with Aurora Empress 29, Joani LaChoy:

The Court Member of the Year Award shall be known from this day forward as the Lynn “Honey” Howard Court Member of the Year Award, in honor of Imperial Crown Prince, Emperor Candidate and former ICOAA Board President Lynn Howard.

The Court Member of the Year is awarded to any member of the ICOAA who has shown exemplary support to the current reign, and may or may not be a reigning titleholder. While this award is not new, and has been a traditional award of all Courts in the International Court System, it has been renamed to reflect one of our most important members.

2010- Joani LaChoy XXIX
2012 - Alexis Kellie ICP XIX
2013 - Daniel Moore